Manifesting Your Destiny

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"If you can see it, and you can feel it, and you can believe it, then it is completely possible." ~Amy Purdy

Many of us believe that we have little control over the life that's handed to us or that not all of us have the freedom to live the life we dream. The truth is that we attract the lives we lead through our thoughts and beliefs. Everything we're experiencing or have ever experienced has come to be due to our inner beliefs, whether knowingly or unknowingly. And until we are willing and ready to accept responsibility and take ownership of our lives, we cannot create the life that we have always envisioned for ourselves. The challenge is learning how to match our awareness and intentions to help manifest the life we wish to see.

Quantum physics believes that the energy we put out into the Universe is the energy that we attract back to us (AKA, the law of attraction). But before we can begin to successfully manifest our dreams, we must strengthen our awareness and align it with our intentions. The theory goes that when our inner vibration matches the vibration of that which we wish to achieve, it shall be manifested in our lives. But there is more to this than just visualization. The key is to truly feel what we want, as if it were here right now, and then to surrender our desire, trusting that it shall be fulfilled at the right time.

How to Manifest Your Destiny

So how can we align our attention with our intentions and become co-pilots in our lives? Through dedicated practice, intention and belief. Here are some tips to help get you started!

  • Get Clear On What You Desire. If you don't know what you want, how can you expect to get it? We spend our whole lives wanting more but when asked what our dream job is, or our highest aspiration, many of us freeze. The first step is taking the time to sit with yourself in a quiet space so you can find the true answer to these questions: If I could have anything in the world, only one wish fulfilled, what would that be? What would I do for a living if money, location, or a degree did not matter? What work, activity, or hobby brings the most joy to my heart? What makes me feel alive? Once you are clear on what you desire, you're more likely to attract it to you. 
  • Recognize and Remove Your Inner Blocks. Our underlying thoughts, beliefs, and fears create the life we see. Recognize your limiting beliefs and work to set them free. Try setting aside an hour to write the answers to these questions: What are my beliefs about life? Work? Relationships? Money? Me? You might be surprised at the answers that come up and how many of these beliefs limit you from achieving the life you dream.
  • Visualize. Once you've taken the time to discover your true aspirations, it's time to start visualizing. Picture your dream coming true. Visualize it in detail. If your dream is to publish a book, for instance, picture yourself typing page after page, the cover with your name on it sitting on bookshelves across the world, signing books at a meet and greet, and your name on the best sellers list. Whatever your dream may be, imagine it vividly in as much detail as you can. Tip: Create a vision board to help make this process easier and put it in a place that you see every single day.

"The only limit to your success is your own imagination." ~Shonda Rhymes 

  • Feel Your Dream Come True. Once you can successfully visualize your dream clearly, focus on imagining how you feel when it comes true. If it's winning an award, try to feel the joy and excitement of hearing your name being called and making your speech. Feel the joy in your heart as deeply as possible. Imagine vividly as you did when you were a child and don't hold back. This may feel silly but it is the key to attracting what you want!
  • Let it Go. What? I spent all of this time visualizing and feeling and now you want me to set it free?! YES! Once you've felt your dream deeply, fully, send it out to the universe and let it go. Picture yourself releasing a Chinese lantern or balloon into the sky, trusting and knowing that your work is done and the rest is in the hands of the Universe. 
  • Believe! If you don't believe it's possible, how can you expect this to work? Have faith that anything is possible and watch miracles unfold in your life!

As Always, Love + Light,

~Smita :)

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