Flip the Script! 6 Foolproof Ways to Change Your Mindset

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One of my all-time favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer is, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Not only does this hold so much truth for me, it’s also liberating because it reminds me that the power is in my hands, or better yet, in my thoughts ;) 

While it’s true that changing our thinking and rewiring destructive habits takes time, that doesn’t mean that something can’t be done right now, in the present moment. Just because we’re not at the top of the mountain, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to climb! So, the next time you find yourself stuck in a rut, flip the script with these foolproof tips and brighten your perspective. 

6 Ways to Change Your Mindset 

1. Reverse Your Thoughts. What you think, you become. Whenever a limiting thought or belief pattern arises in your mind, flip the script! Reword the thought to align with what you want in your life, and repeat it over and over again until you've convinced your mind otherwise. Tip: Don't think about it! Simply keep repeating it. Repetition is key to transforming what we think and believe.
2. Shift Your Focus. What you focus on grows. When you find yourself stuck in a rut, try shifting your focus to something that's good in your life, or beautiful in the world. Tip: Focus on something that makes you smile from the inside out. It can be anything that brings you deep Joy. This will not only help shift your perspective, but it will also make you feel a whole lot lighter!
3. Visualize + Manifest. Rather than wasting precious energy thinking about all of the things you don't have or that aren't going as you hoped, use your mind as a tool to visualize your dreams as vividly as possible. Really feel them coming true. Not only will this attract more positive energy towards you, but it will also help you remember what it's all about. Tip: Begin and end each day with these visualizations. The positive energy will carry into your day and inspire you to keep working towards the life you want. And, remember: nothing is ridiculous when it comes to your dreams, no matter what anyone else thinks.
4. Know Rather than Believe. There are some things that cannot be explained, or learned, or even taught. You simply know them. There's no logic or understanding involved. You just know. In the same way, forget your mind for a moment and listen to the messages of your heart. Trust your intuition knowing that it will guide you to where you need to be. Most importantly, know that anything you dream is not only possible, it is real. Tip: Remove all doubt from your mind and allow yourself to connect with the messages you hear inside. The surest way to crush a dream is to doubt that it's possible. 
5. Remember What Came Before the What-Ifs. Don't let the mind get in the way of your initial feelings. Ask yourself what you knew and felt before the doubt crept in—before the mind starting playing the 'What if?' game. That is the only feeling that matters. That is the only feeling to follow. Trust me! Tip: You can practice this by setting aside 20 minutes daily where you vow to make decisions based only on your gut. It can be as simple as deciding where you go out to eat, choosing your next weekend getaway, or pitching a business proposal at work. Whatever it is, the more you practice trusting your gut, the easier (and clearer) the messages and choices become. 
6. Welcome Stillness. The best way to know what's going on in your mind and heart is to create space to listen, to allow yourself a moment to be still, disconnected from screens, people, chores, and constant to-do's, even if only for a moment. One moment of true stillness with your eyes closed can work wonders for your mindset. Tip: Simply close your eyes and focus on your heart. Practice smiling from your heart and deep breathe. Allow yourself to feel the Joy and stillness deep within you. This is all you need to do to quickly reconnect with your inner Light. Go on, try it!

Remember: we are the filter. Everything that happens outside of us affects us based on how we filter it through our senses, thoughts, and emotions. How will you flip the script today?

Love + Light,

Smita :)

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