5 Ways to Connect with Nature

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Sometimes we forget that we have a multi-connection to the planet that we inhabit: physical, spiritual, and even emotional. As strong as this bond can be, it’s easy for us to lose this sense of connection in the busy and hectic lives that we live, especially in this digital world. But how can we appreciate Mother Nature and the environment if we don't take a moment to reconnect? 

Here are 5 simple and quick ways to connect with nature today!

1. Spend Time With Nature. Hug a tree (literally!). Walk barefoot in the grass. Climb something. Meditate under the sun. Smell the flowers. Breathe in the fresh air. Use all of your senses. Create a physical connection with that around you! You have to spend time with nature to appreciate its beauty and truly connect.

2. Plant Something + Watch It Grow. What better way to feel a sense of responsibility than getting your hands in the dirt and investing in a better tomorrow? The shared experience of watching something grow and thrive from a seedling, to a bud, to a flower, can be deeply spiritual. 

3. Look Up! Remember how you could spend hours staring at the sky, watching the clouds go by when you were younger? Find that sense of awe again, that deep feeling of gratitude, of how blessed and beautiful it all really is. 

4. Bring the Outside In. Let's be honest, we spend most of our time indoors. So, what better way to remind ourselves of nature than to surround ourselves with it? House plants, desk plants, mini herb gardens, even flowers—it's amazing how good we can feel when they transform the beauty of a room and the energy within. 

5. Rescue the Little Guys! The next time you see a little ant or spider crawling around, remember that this is their home too. We just happened to build on top of it! Nature is not just plants and trees. It's about recognizing all living things on this planet, big and small. So instead of squashing the poor things, why not gently put them outside in the garden where they belong? 

How will you connect with nature this Earth Month? Share your stories in the comments below!

Love + Light,

Smita :)

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