The Power of Self-Reflection

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I like to sit in deep reflection every opportunity I can find. I spent my childhood with my head in the clouds, daydreaming about all of the things that I desired, thinking about who I was and hoped to be, taking endless quizzes in the hopes of discovering unknown parts of me, and ruminating in my room for hours about the world and life in general. It is this habit that drew me to journaling and meditation at a young age, as well as the key to my growth year after year.

Self-reflection is a powerful tool that not only helps us to discover our true motivations and who we are, but if done regularly, it can also help to align our lives with our most authentic self. We have thousands of thoughts per day, many of which tend to be self-destructive. By taking the time to focus our mental energy inwards, we allow ourselves the opportunity to positively grow and evolve. Self-reflection is the key to creating and living the life we dream. 

How to Practice Self-Reflection

Here are some tips to help get you started:   

  • Practice Free Writing. Block out a space of time where you can sit in silence and write without interruption. I recommend at least 10-15 minutes a day. Begin by getting into a comfortable position and simply write without thought, agenda, or concern for spelling and grammar. Allow yourself to write mindlessly for as long as your hand will flow. Tip: This becomes much harder the more you think about it! Just let go and write no matter how silly it may seem. It doesn't matter if everything that comes out feels like nonsense. The goal is to get yourself into the flow of writing, which will become easier every day. This is a powerful tool for self-reflection, especially when searching for answers to a specific life question.  
  • Spend a Few Moments in Silence Every Day. Learn to check in with yourself daily to reflect on your day, and ask yourself these questions: "Did my thoughts, words, and actions align with my intentions?" "Did I act from a place of Love or fear?" "Was I the best that I could be today? If not, how can I respond differently in the future?" The answers may surprise you. Bonus: Meditate! 
  • Be Honest with Yourself. If we can't be honest with ourselves, how can we expect others to be? Allow yourself to come face-to-face with all parts of you, even the ones that might not be as perfect, or pretty, or sweet. We can't grow without allowing ourselves the time to recognize and accept the things about ourselves that we want and need to change. Dare to explore all parts of yourself and dive deep within! 
  • Step Outside of Yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to see from the inside out. Whenever this happens, try looking at yourself from the outside in. What do you see? Is who you are projecting to the world aligned with your deepest ideals and beliefs? If not, what can you change to more closely connect what you see with your authentic self? Sometimes who we think we are and how we're actually living our lives are two very different things. Learn to look at yourself objectively to ensure that you're living in alignment with the life you dream.  
  • Allow Yourself to Change. There is no law or rule stating that who you were yesterday is who you must be today, or what (or who) you once liked must always hold true. The truth is: we are dynamic beings and growth and evolution are a vital part of our inner peace and joy. Don't be afraid to break your own boundaries, and allow yourself and who you are to evolve with time. 
  • Trust Yourself. Know that only you know the path that is meant for you so take the time to tune into your inner voice and learn to trust your Intuition. The more you stop to listen and reflect, the more you'll learn to trust your Inner Guide and allow it to guide you. 

I truly believe that we are all here to fulfill our own destinies and to share our unique gifts with the world. May we all learn to reflect and connect with ourselves each and every day so we may walk our own path, for the world is truly brighter when we all allow our Light to shine! 🌟

Love + Light,

~Smita :) 

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