6 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

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In the hecticness of our daily lives, it can be easy to live in disalignment. We often wonder why our lives don’t reflect the one we desire and yearn for in our hearts. But the truth is, it’s only because how we live is not in alignment with how we want our lives to be.

At times for me, it can be difficult to keep track of it all and quite easy to believe that what I think, say and do is in alignment with how I wish to be. But I’ve come to learn that this isn’t always the case, which is why I’m pausing to ask myself these questions daily. It’s amazing how clear things become when we stop to honestly see, and even more beautiful when we allow ourselves to truly open up and grow.

So, grab a journal and pen and start reflecting!

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

1. Were the choices I made today aligned with how I want to feel? Learn to continually say "Yes" to the things that uplift and fulfill you. And perhaps, more importantly, to say "No" to the ones that don't. The more you stop to recognize the effects of what you choose, the more you're able to modify your daily habits and choose wisely.

2. Did I stop to be grateful and to appreciate the moments that made my heart smile? Nothing grows the heart like gratitude, nor makes you feel happier for all that you have. Studies have shown that people who take time to practice gratitude experience more positive emotions, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems. So pause to fully soak in the energy during moments that make you feel truly happy and blessed to be alive.

3. Was I kind to everyone I interacted with, including myself? Going back to the golden rule, it's so important to interact with kindness, regardless of how we are treated in return. This includes how you think about yourself and others. Were your thoughts about yourself and others kind or judgmental? One of my favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer is: "How people treat you is their karma, but how you react is yours." And, to be honest, the world could use a whole lot of extra kindness right now!

4. How did I Love? What is life without Love? Make it a point to send Love out no matter what. Think about things that will make others happy and give it to them if it's within your ability to do so. I invite you to find one way to spread Love every single day and watch as your heart opens to depths you could never have imagined. 

5. Did I allow myself to learn and grow? If we're not learning and growing then we're staying the same, and if we're staying the same then why are we here? What are we expecting to get out of life? I'm a creature of habit so I understand the comfort of not wanting to change. I do. But, I also realize that by not allowing myself to grow, I'm doing myself a disservice by holding myself back from all that I can truly be. So allow yourself to evolve daily. I promise you that the transformations are worth it, no matter how big or small!

6. What good did I do today? Inspired by Benjamin Franklin, who asked himself this question every night, this one is a personal favorite because it really gets me thinking about how I can serve the people around me. I even purchased this lovely journal from a local gift shop to help keep me on track with this reflection. Bonus: Start each day by asking yourself what good you would like to do and see if you're able to fulfill it!

Pausing to reflect on your day provides insights so valuable that you’ll wonder why it wasn’t always a part of your daily routine.

Love + Light,

Smita :)

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