5 Ways to Spread Love!

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"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." ~Leo Buscaglia

One of the greatest gifts we can offer the world is to focus on Love and send it out into the Universe. Whether it's through visualizations, meditations, prayers or acts of kindness, by raising our own loving energy, we can help raise the collective energy of the planet. 

Here are 5 simple (and fun!) ways to spread Love today :)

1. Perform an Anonymous Act of Kindness. Pay for a stranger's bill. Leave an envelope of money on the train. Help someone in need. Whatever it may be, do it anonymously. Do it solely for the act of giving and not for the gratitude received. This can be for someone you know or a stranger on the street. Tip: Get the whole family involved with this random acts of kindness Bingo game.

2. Smile at Everyone You See. How does it feel when a stranger makes eye contact with you and gives you a genuine smile as you cross paths? Exactly! And, chances are, you'll smile at the next person you see, and they'll smile at someone else, and just like that, smiles pass onward. The more Love you send out to others, even in the simplest of ways, the greater the ripple effect will be. 

3. Do Something That Makes Someone's Heart Smile. I talk A LOT about doing what makes your heart smile, and we all know how amazing and revitalizing that can feel. So why not take it one step further and pass it on to someone else? Think about what brings others true joy and find ways to give it to them. It amazes me how much this does for my own happiness as well. Tip: These don't have to be expensive or complex gestures. It's often the simplest of things that make people truly happy. 

4. Pay It Forward. Literally. Any time someone does something kind for you, make a point to find one way to pay it forward that very day. The more kindness you receive, the more kindness you give out. In this small but powerful way, Love spreads one act at a time. 

5. Be in Joy! When we are at joy within ourselves and truly happy, we radiate an energy that has the power to create joy for others. Spread Love by allowing yourself to be happy, in-joy life, and radiate your Light! 

Love + Light,

Smita :)

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