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5 Ways to Show Your Loved Ones Your Love

Posted by Smita Kishore on

"Love don't cost a thing!" When J-Lo sang those words back in 2001, she had a point, and it resonates just as true today. Love shouldn't be measured in dollars and gifts. That's not to say that we can't express our love through giving, but rather that there are many ways to show that same sentiment, and perhaps, even more so, when we remove the idea of money altogether, and replace it with time and thought.

So with Valentine's day approaching, here are 5 ways to show your loved ones your Love. We'd like to say 5 simple ways, and while they are, when it comes to Love, you really get what you put in. We have faith and truly believe that it's always worth the extra effort. So go on, read these ideas below and try to put one or two to good use. Between you and me, and the other 7+ billion people in this world, we could all use a little more Love :)

5 Ways to Show Your Love

1. Little Notes Make A Big Difference. There's nothing better than getting a thoughtful note from someone you Love. And, there's nothing sweeter than taking a moment to write one! Leaving a note around the house, on the fridge, in front of the TV or our favorite, on their pillowcase, wherever it is, it's a nice way to brighten someone's day and remind them that you care.

2. Pause to Appreciate. Take a moment to remind yourself why you Love the people around you. See them as individuals who also exist and who are trying to do their best in this crazy and hectic world. Appreciate them and how they show you Love. Reminding ourselves that we are loved by amazing people, and cultivating a grateful heart, helps to ground us so we don't take those we Love for granted. This, to us, can actually have the most impact when practiced regularly. 

3. Carve Out Time. Oh, time. There hasn't been anything invented that can replace it, nor have we found a way to get more of it. There's nothing more valuable and it can be our greatest asset, especially when used for the forces of good :) We won't get into how we somehow find ways to give our time to things that don't matter (screens, gossip, etc.). But we want to emphasize how important it is to use that same time for Love. We can grow, connect, and truly experience one another only when we give our relationships the proper time and attention. So share a meal, take a nice stroll, even facetime if you have to, and carve out a little space to help build a better and stronger relationship with those you Love. 

4. Think About What Makes Them Smile. Thought. So simple yet so elusive. What does it take for someone to get top billing in our minds during the day? While we can go quickly to Amazon or some list to find out the latest and greatest gadget that will surely please, why not dig a little deeper to ask would make your loved ones smile from the inside out? A phone call, a home cooked meal, a compliment on something we know they feel insecure about? We'll tell you this, there are few things that make us happier than getting a truly pure and joyful smile out of someone we Love (or actually anyone for that matter). 

5. Get Physical. Yup! And, you know it! This one is truly a win-win ;) Whether it's a hug, a kiss, holding hands or snuggling on the couch, there's nothing better than feeling the physical closeness and warmth of someone you Love. Bonus: Be spontaneous! An unexpected hug or sweet kiss will make their hearts smile and we'd take this over a material gift any day. 

Love + Light,

Smita + Aman :) 


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