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We are taught from a young age to process the world as we “see” it, as we perceive it to be, and therefore experience it to be. We are taught to process events as they happen in relation to us. But what if this is all wrong? What if this is not how we’re meant to process life at all? What if in any given situation the only thing we ever have to do is to ask ourselves one simple question: “What would Love do?

If we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience, then we must learn to experience life in harmony with our mind, body, soul, and Spirit. To do this, we must move from a self-centered focus of life to a Love-centered one. We must stop to ask ourselves often, “How would Love respond in this situation?” When we pause to view our lives through this lens, the world begins to open up to us and we move closer to living in alignment with what we truly are. 

But how do we move past years, decades even, of false perceptions and habits? By taking one small step at a time. What seems like an overly daunting feat is actually quite simple when broken down into one small, achievable step, which I like to call the Love-check. At any given moment, the only thing we ever have to do is pause and ask ourselves, "What would Love do?” Simply asking this question automatically shifts our focus from our-selfs to the greater good, from a self-centered approach to a Love-centered one.


Any time you recognize that your focus has shifted back to your self, your ego, your mind, your thoughts, and desires, or what's going to happen to you if you don't take control of x, y, and z, don't dwell. Simply observe and be aware. It's common to fall back into old mind patterns and control dramas at first, or even after years of practice. But we must remember that that moment has passed and no amount of wishing can change what has already occurred—no amount of beating ourselves up over it will either!

Know this. Remember this. Remind yourself as often as you must until it becomes second nature, and then shift your focus back to the present, for this is the only place where anything can be done, where true change can occur. Forget what just happened and work to achieve a Love-centered focus right now.  

It doesn’t matter how many times in a day we’re able to do this. Don’t count. What matters is that we try to take one step forward, every single day. What matters is that we intend to shift our focus to Love and that we are patient, kind and compassionate with ourselves in the process. What matters is that we continue to strive to respond as Love would respond, to in fact be what we are in our truest essence: pure, unconditional, ever-flowing Love.


Our only objective then is to return to Love in any and all situations, to be aware of our thoughts, actions, and reactions, bringing them back to a response of Love any time our minds fall astray, or as often as we are able to catch this shift in focus. We have a lifetime of false programming to rewrite, habits to rewire, and foundation to rebuild. So this will take dedication, patience and, most of all, practice.

Allow yourself to relax and to feel the Love in your heart, asking yourself often how Love would respond, especially in times you wish you had reacted differently. Continue to do these Love-checks in every situation, in every moment, and with time they too will become second nature. New mind patterns aligned with Love will begin to form and take over, and life will take on a new and joyous direction: one that is centered in Love and Light. And what can be more beautiful than that? 

8 Ways to Live a Love-Centered Life!


Here are some tips to help you get started: 

  1. Focus on Something Outside of Yourself. Instead of losing yourself in how you feel about a particular situation, try shifting your focus to how another person might be feeling in that same situation. When we stop to perceive life through someone else’s eyes, it instantly ignites us with feelings of Love and compassion and, in that moment, we're able to forget ourselves more easily. We're able to let go and let Love.
  2. Look at Situations Objectively. How do you perceive events when you observe them without emotion? Do they affect you in quite the same way? Do they feel as devastating or hindering or bad? Remember: it’s not a situation or person that causes us to feel a particular way, it’s our thoughts about it, our perceptions. But when we're able to remove our-self from a situation, we're able to see things in a truer light, without our thoughts and emotions dictating our experience. We're able to experience life without resistance and truly become present in the moment as it is, rather than how we want it to be. We're liberated from the suffering that exists only in our minds.
  3. Focus on Giving Rather than Receiving. Think about things that will make others happy and give it to them if it's in your ability to do so. Whether it’s a friendly smile to a stranger, a warm cup of tea for a loved one, or even a foot massage to yourself—giving to our bodies is just as important!—the point is to give. In doing this, we're able to forget about our-self. We move from a self-centered focus to a Love-centered one, only then realizing that the more we give, the more we truly receive in return. The well of Love never runs dry.
  4. Let Go! Release the need to control each moment of your life, the outcome of each day, to protect your self from all of the things that your mind tells you exist. They don’t. Simply trust and know that the Universe has a plan for us, all of us, and it's far greater than we could ever imagine. Have faith in this. Know this. Allow Synchronicity to take over your life and let go of the wheel!
  5. Take in the Beauty Around You. Breathe it in. Really, Breathe. It. In. When we stop to appreciate, Love and admire the beauty that surrounds us, everything becomes more beautiful. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by life. Spend a few moments in awe each and every day. Let the beauty of life fill you and watch your Love grow. 
  6. Love Everything. Make it a point and intention to send Love out no matter what. You have a flat tire, send and think Love. Feel grateful that it was nothing worse. No matter what happens, focus only on Love. Release all judgment and allow yourself to accept what is. Remain one with it. Being upset or irritated about a situation won’t change it or make it go away. All it will do is make you feel worse. The choice is yours.
  7. Experience Love. Open yourself up to Love in every way. Love and allow yourself to be Loved. Allow it to manifest miracles into your life. Immerse yourself in Love and radiate its Flow.
  8. Perform Frequent Love-Checks: Intend to pause throughout the day to ask yourself how Love would respond in a given situation. Allow your focus to shift from your self to the greater good. At the end of the day, all it takes is one moment and one question: What would Love do? 💖 

Love + Light,

~Smita :)

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