Yoga with Khush: Bakasana (Crow Pose)

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I'm thrilled to introduce Yoga with Khush, a monthly feature we will be running with my dear friend and fellow Yogi, Khush Dhaliwal! Read on to learn more about this month's pose :) 


Sanskrit Name: Bakasana ~ English Name: The Crow Pose 


Bakasana is an arm balance pose that definitely looks either easier or scarier (depending on how you look at it) than what it is on the mat ;)

BODY: It strengthens our arm and core muscles, while also working on strengthening our wrists and stretching our upper back for more flexibility at the same time.

MIND: Lots of confidence and self-belief, at least it did that for me. When we look at Yoga, it is not just the physical that we should be focusing on. With every asana, comes the alignment between body, mind, and spirit. And it is this alignment that takes us to the next level and makes everything possible. 

Why I Love It

I can literally fly with this pose 😊 I used to think my arms are weak but over the years, I figured that was just a misconception that my mind created. With the right practice, you can do ANYTHING!

Khush's Tips

The day I figured out this pose - I made two core changes to my practice of Bakasana: 

BODY: Heart forward and Gaze forward! You will not fall, and even if you do, it's going to be fun :) Come to your tippy toes as you lean forward, lift one foot at a time to start with. Remember: Lifting or not lifting your toes/legs does not define your strength! 

MIND: I believed in myself and slowly, with the right technique, I worked on my posture by taking one step at a time. "Mindful" practice is what matters the most. Listen to your body! It ain't lying. When you practice, take time to "self-reflect", "pause" and then "listen" to your body and work around that cycle. I promise you will grow. 

In Gratitude,

Khush :)

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yoga-with-khush-bio-Khush-means "happy." I hope I can justify having this beautiful and happy name and bring a smile to your face every time we connect (virtual or in person). Who am I? I am one happy person who loves to learn and explore nature, go on long hikes with my dear husband, and just live life really simple. Good food is my true love and my husband is my inspiration. And Yoga is something that I go back to every day for my "moksha"- liberation and introspection. My Yoga journey started almost 8 years ago in India and it has only grown since then. I recently finished my 200hr RYT from Citizen Yoga, Metro Detroit and I am ready to share my practice with the world. My teaching style is focused on fun, alignment, building core, and being mindful of my students' (and that is my family right now :) needs and limitations. I think it's important to acknowledge that everyone is unique in their own special way and none of us have to have the same physical goals. My hope is that my students will learn to self-reflect and bring mindfulness to their practice. Oh, and asking questions and having fun should be a priority! That's what life is about 😊

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