What's Your Mission Statement?

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You don’t need a business to have a mission statement. And, you certainly can’t create the life you dream without knowing what yours is. Just as mission statements help businesses to stay focused on their values, having a personal mission statement allows you to live up to what you hope to achieve, while providing something to check your actions against. 

For example, my personal mission statement is: 'To inspire others to follow their heart and shine their Light.' Not only does this make it easy for me to assess if my actions truly reflect this, it also helps remind me of my overall goal. I can't expect to teach others what I myself don't live. For me, this mission statement evolved and formed itself over the years through self-reflection and meditation. Here are some ways to help you discover and live yours! 

  • Know Your Happy Place. What brings you joy? What makes your heart smile? What makes you excited to get out of bed every morning? Discover the answer to these questions. Self-reflect. Explore new things. Step outside of your comfort zone and find what makes your heart sing!
  • Take Baby Steps. Once you discover what makes you happy, begin asking yourself this question daily: "What's one thing you can do to start living your mission statement today?" Remember: we have to start at A to get to Z. Don't worry about how close you are to the finish line. Find the one thing you can do right now and start working towards it!
  • Know That it Will Be Fluid. Nothing needs to be set in stone. Know that as you change and grow, so will your personal mission. Allow it to grow and evolve as you do. Have fun and experiment until you find what resonates deeply with you. 
  • Dare to Believe in Yourself. Put yourself out there and go for it! Take that leap of faith. Know that if you follow your heart and live in alignment with what feels right to you, doors will open up for you in unforeseen ways. 
  • Be Realistic. There are going to be obstacles. There's no magical way around them. Learn to accept this and simply pivot your path whenever challenges arise. As Aman always says, "there are no problems, only solutions." ;) 
  • Show Up Every Single Day. No matter what, intend to show up for your dreams. Keep finding the one thing you can do to work towards it and do it! Eventually, the seeds you have planted will bloom 🌷.

    Love + Light,

    ~Smita :)

    P.S. What's your mission statement? I'd Love to hear them in the comments below!

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