6 Ways to Renew Yourself Daily

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You know that feeling you have when you come back from a really great vacation: that feeling that everything is aligned and in its right place, a feeling of deep inner peace and calm? Well, what if I told you that you can have a slice of that every day, even in the midst of a busy life? 

We often wait until we feel depleted to rejuvenate, or until our bodies hurt to rest. But imagine what our lives would be like if we acted proactively rather than reactively. If we took the time to fill our cup and renew our mind, body, and soul every single day. Renewal not only helps us to recharge, but it also helps to reaffirm our inner knowing, to strengthen our foundation, and to raise our inner awareness and Presence so we can respond to whatever comes our way, rather than react to it. It gives us a moment to tune in with our deeper selves and to hear the messages of our heart.

6 Ways to Renew Yourself 

I've come to realize the importance of daily renewal in my life. It's become vital for me to live in alignment with my highest self and to prevent feeling drained by what surrounds me. These 6 tips help me to take a moment to recharge and renew daily; and, I'm finding that even a little bit of this, done consistently, goes a long way. 

1. Sit in Silence. No phones. No TV. No music. No manmade noise. Just you and your presence. Notice as your senses calm and reawaken with nothing to do or process. Feel the Energy and stillness within you and within everything. 

2. Be with Nature. Observe the trees and flowers, the butterflies, the birds, and the bees, life in all of its precious forms. Soak in the beauty and energy of all that surrounds you. Let it fill and nourish your soul!

3. Live in the Now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not even 5 minutes from now. Be fully present in this moment and nowhere else. When we do this, we not only allow our minds to be free of unnecessary stress, but we also get to live and experience the only moment that truly exists: the present! 

4. Go Slowly. When we are truly present in the now, there is no urgency, no rush, no got to-dos. Get in the habit of going slowly. Take your time walking to the park or chopping vegetables for dinner. Remind yourself that while moving quickly might save a few minutes, it creates anxious, stressful energy in the process. Allow yourself to flow at the pace that most aligns with You. Watch as this simple change transforms your daily routine.

5. Talk Less. Pause to ask yourself if what you're about to say is really important to the conversation, if it's necessary to be said. If it isn't, allow the thought to pass through you without voicing it. Share only that which will truly add to the moment. Nothing more. Nothing less. I find mindless small talk to be one of the largest drainers of my energy and of the present moment. Ironically, this is the tip I struggle with the most! Try this in just one conversation today and observe how you feel. The results will speak for themselves.

6. Lose Track of Time! Free yourself of time whenever you are able. One of the easiest ways to lose touch with ourselves, and the present moment, is to look at the clock. Our minds have been programmed to think that we should be doing certain things at certain times, often pulling us out of the natural Flow of life as a result. Find a way to free yourself from this trap, even if only for a few moments. Cover your clocks. Set an alarm if you have a meeting or somewhere to be, and allow yourself to get lost in the Flow of life until you hear it ring. Trust me on this one. It's truly a game changer!

Love + Light,

Smita :)


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