Frequently Asked Questions

All of our products are handmade in a commercial-grade kitchen with love and care. We have a designated cooking area and tools that are used only to make Simply Smita products. Our ingredients are stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to help retain their natural properties and prevent spoilage.

Of course not! My husband and I test all of our products on ourselves (and a few close friends) for at least one year before sharing them with the world.

All Simply Smita products are chemical-free so factors such as temperature, humidity, and how clean (and dry) your fingers are when scooping out our products, can all impact their lifespan. You can expect your products to stay fresh and have the best nourishing powers for 6-9 months; however, if it looks good and smells good, then it's still good ;)

Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place and avoid repeated freezing/thawing when possible. Water can cause the natural ingredients to spoil so make sure your fingers are dry and clean before applying balms, butters, and deodorants.

Because our products are 100% chemical and preservative free, it's common for colors to vary from batch to batch. One season's beeswax may be yellower than the last, or you may experience a subtler scent with an essential oil. This is perfectly normal (and safe!) with truly organic ingredients.

Nope :) Those little grains are concentrated beads of nourishing Shea Butter. When exposed to high temperatures, Shea Butter can separate forming tiny crystals as it cools and sets. These crystals don't detract from the Shea Butter's healing properties and should melt away as you rub the balm onto your skin. For best results, store your products out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.

Not at all! Separation is natural with organic ingredients. If your product has melted, make sure to give it a good stir and allow it set in a cool spot on your counter or in the fridge. It's normal for the consistency to change a little if the product goes through multiple temperature changes back to back. Sometimes a product can become softer if it freezes and then thaws, but this is natural and absolutely safe and fine to use :)

Essential oils are super concentrated. It takes about 3 pounds of lavender flowers to make one 15ml bottle of lavender oil. 105 lbs of roses to make 100 drops of rose essential oil. And 3000 lemons to make 2 pounds of lemon essential oil (about 50 lemons per 15ml bottle). That’s hundreds and thousands of pounds of plants (and lemons!) to simply produce 1 gallon of essential oil. That’s huge, especially when considering the amount of land needed to grow these plants, not to mention the amount of soil, fertilizers, and water. So even though we purchase our essential oils from a company that’s committed to sustainability, here at Simply Smita we believe that less is more. That’s why all of our products contain less than 1% of essential oils. Better for your skin and better for the environment. Besides, it’s not healthy to smell like lavender and roses all day long. Your brain and body need a break. Remember: 1 drop of lemon essential oil is equivalent to 6 lemons so a little goes a very, very long way ;)

No, our lip balm tubes are made in the US and are BPA and BPS free!

Due to the handmade, fresh nature of our products, we're unable to accept returns of opened or used items. If you would like to return an unopened product, have an error with your order or are unhappy with your purchase, please connect with us at smita@simplysmita.com and we'll do our best to make your body smile :)