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Feeding America

feeding-america-causes-community40 million people face hunger in the U.S. today, including more than 12 million children and five million seniors. The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people with food and end hunger. They work with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, food service companies and farmers to gather food before it goes to waste, and also advocate on behalf of Americans struggling with hunger to help break the poverty cycle. Shop our Holiday Sets to support Feeding America - 10 meals donated for every purchase. 


Green Star Movement   

Green Star Movement Project Chicago-based nonprofit inspiring students and communities from under-served neighborhoods through the creation of public art. Their interactive process helps students to build crucial self-esteem and teamwork skills while revitalizing their urban canvas. They have provided more than 6000 students with mural arts programs and transformed 60 public spaces, including, schools, parks, underpasses and community centers. Support Green Star Movement with our Special Edition Lip Balm - 25% of profits donated.  

Mikva Challenge

Mikva Challenge Youth ProtestMikva Challenge develops youth to be informed, empowered, and active citizens. By reaching under-resourced communities and schools, they empower youth to find their voice in their community and to become active leaders who promote justice and equality. Their non-partisan approach inspires students to discover and formulate their own opinions so they can choose the candidates and issues they wish to support and advocate for. Support Mikva Challenge with our Special Edition Lip Balms - 25% profits donated.

One Tree Planted/Cal Fire

One Tree Planted with Cal Fire
Healthy forests have an important role to play in addressing climate change, as well as providing clean water and air, habitat for a variety of species and beautiful scenery for all to enjoy. CAL FIRE foresters promote improved planning and management and tree planting and maintenance throughout California. With the devastating forest fires impacting California in 2017, we planted one tree for every biodegradable LOVE ornament we shipped during the holidays to help offset this loss. With your support, 70 trees were planted.