Retail Spotlight: Wolfbait & B-Girls

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We're excited to introduce our new Retail Spotlight series to showcase the amazing local businesses who carry our products! By shopping local, we not only stimulate our local economy and support local artists, but we also help the environment (less fuel, no shipping, less packaging)!

Wolfbait & B-girls is a boutique store in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood that showcases over 250 local artisans and makers. This female-owned and operated independent business, was fashioned by two native designers, Shirley Kienitz and Jenny Stadler. Check out our interview with Shirley below! 


How and why did you start your store?

Wolfbait has been a labor of love and kicked off because I was selling myself to other stores but realized that I wanted a place that could ease makers, similar to myself, into the marketable world. It’s a scary jump, and why not accommodate!

Tell us about your name. 

The name Wolfbait & B-girls is a nod to historic Chicago. The 1950’s guidebook Chicago Confidential defines wolfbait as girls who moved to the city looking for success, and b-girls as what they sometimes turn into. Think B-movie, B-side, bad girl, Bruiser and Brazen judy. 

What do you Love about what you do?

I love that the shop brings a sense of community to our quickly changing neighborhood. We’ve been in business, and the original inhabitants to this storefront, for 13 years when the shopping local concept was a new one. I also love that I am able to work on my personal women’s line right in shop. See me working out a pattern one day, try on what came of it by the weekend. This small batch, handmade aspect gives an item a kind of magic that mass-produced pieces just don't have.


Tell us about the “concept” of your store and what customers can expect to find.

We opened in 2006 with the mission to bring Chicago designers to the masses. We set out to be not only a showcase, but also a resource for these artists. We are a fashion, accessories, and gift boutique featuring over 250 local designers manufacturing their wares, right here in Chicago. We specialize in unique, affordable handmade treasures that are a direct reflection of our artistic community.

What do you Love about the neighborhood/your location?

Logan Square has been changing fast but we’ve been blessed with a killer community. Our location is right on the square bringing in all sorts of new artists and customers. We love being in such a hoppin' spot for all the old and new faces!


What would you like customers to know about you/your business that they might not know?

Another note is perhaps how much the brick and mortar outposts they love need their continued support. If people don't make an effort to support these places, they are going to vanish, and retail will be homogenized.

Why are Simply Smita products right for your customers?

Simply Smita fits nicely into the Wolfbait & B-girls family for two major reasons! First and foremost, is that it’s a product made with love in this great city, Chicago. Secondly, we love that the products are all natural and that they work well with all skin types!

Anything else you would like to share?

Our shop is constantly growing and we are always looking for new artists to join our little happy family!




Check out their website and follow them @wolfbaitchicago to stay up to date on their latest collections and shop local! P.S. Did I mention they carry all of our products?! Stop in to gets yours today at 3131 W Logan Blvd. Your body will thank you ;) 

Love + Light,

Smita :)

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