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Embellish Boutique is a beautifully and thoughtfully curated gift shop in the Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago. Featuring independent, global and local artisans, you'll find everything from socially conscious jewelry, handcrafted accessories, inspirational journals that help build schools, and locally made bath and body products. They even have a planting station!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with owner Carrie Bowers who is dedicated to curating the best accessories and supporting meaningful causes and artisans who give back. Check out the interview below to learn more about this neighborhood boutique with a worldly mission!




How and why did you start your store?

I originally opened a store called Stellar 26 across the street and helped a friend open this store. After having a baby, I decided to close the store. A few years later, my friend wanted to move out of state and my daughter was starting kindergarten so I bought this store from her. I had worked in retail in the past, as well as in real estate, and I was always so happy when I worked in that little retail shop, which is why I wanted to open my own store.

What do you love about what you do?

I love being part of the community. I love talking to people every day. I love buying and choosing the things that are going to be in the store, finding brands that give back, and working with smaller designers. I also love that I can take time off to see my daughter dance and other things I want to do. You make friends with everyone. I opened this store to make it a comfortable space for people to walk in and feel at home without feeling pressured to buy.

Tell us about the concept of your store and what customers can expect to find.

It’s very curated. I’m selective on colors and types of metal of the pieces we carry, for instance, so customers get a great selection. We have a modern bohemian aesthetic with an emphasis on supporting independent, local and global artisans. I always wanted to give back and you'll find many brands that align with that. 




What do you love about the neighborhood/your location?

I was drawn to this area when I worked in real estate. I loved this neighborhood and the energy here. People are very nice here and everyone knows everyone. It felt like a hidden gem.

Why are Simply Smita products right for your customers?

I like you and Love what you stand for! You’re organic, local, small batch, give back to the community, and are at a great price point. You hit every checkmark in our box and fit our aesthetic well.




Check out their website and follow them @embellishchicago to stay up to date on upcoming events and sales! By shopping local, we not only stimulate our local economy and support local artists, but we also help the environment (less fuel, no shipping, less packaging)! 

P.S. Did I mention they carry our organic lip balm?! Stop in to get yours today at 4161 N Lincoln Avenue and shop local :)

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