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Stylish and inspirational, STATE bags is taking the one-for-one business model one step further to help create a lasting impact on students' lives. It's rare that I recommend a company that's not highly focused on sustainable materials, but the work they are doing with youth in our communities is a rare find for an accessory brand and I felt compelled to share. 

Who They Are 

STATE is a Brooklyn-based backpack company that’s going beyond the bag to address the needs of children living in challenging circumstances. After observing numerous kids carrying their belongings in ripped trash bags to summer camps through their nonprofit, Country Road Foundation, husband-wife duo Scot and Jacq Tatelman decided to create STATE with a promise to help youth achieve their fullest potential.

What Makes Them Awesome

Giving Back: For every backpack purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack filled with school supplies to an American child in need. Their team of “PackMen” and “PackWomen” not only drop off brand new STATE backpacks for children in need, but they also lead motivational rallies to help raise their spirits and improve their self-belief. 

PackMen + Packwomen: A team of child development specialists, performers and role models that have successfully risen from similar communities who inspire kids through music, dance, and inspirational speeches at their Bag Drop rallies throughout America. They have included everyone from Chance the Rapper to Beyonce herself!

#WhatDoWeTellTheKids: STATE sheds light on social injustice and marginalized populations throughout the U.S. through their #WhatDoWeTellTheKids project, where they feature cities, communities, and important initiatives happening today. Their recent projects have highlighted Chicago, the LGBTQ community, and Black Lives Matter. Check out their awesome short-video on their 2017 Chicago initiative where they donated 30,000 fully stocked bags to Chicago's children!

Certified B-Corporation: STATE Bags is a proud Benefit Corporation that aims to have a positive impact on society, which means that they are certified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Quality: These bags are stylish, pay it forward, and they're durable too! I've had mine for one and a half years now and use it almost every day. It's traveled the world with me, been overstuffed, dropped, and abused many a time, and it's still in the same condition as when it first arrived on my doorstep :)

Where to Buy

I bought mine directly from their website but STATE bags are also available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Amazon. My favorite is called the Bedford in Black. Visit STATE bags today and Give. Back. Pack!


 Love + Light,

Smita :)

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