Skincare Hacks: Coconut Castor Oil

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This oil combo is by far a favorite in our home, so much so that we never travel without it! Not only is it antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it's also super hydrating. Castor oil most closely resembles our skin's natural oils or sebum. It's quite thick and can be tough to use on its own. I find it works best when mixed in equal parts with coconut oil. You can also try a 60% castor oil to 40% coconut oil ratio if you want something a little stronger.

Here are some of our favorite skincare hacks for this oil: 

  • Scalp Massage. Both coconut oil and castor oil have antibacterial properties that can heal the scalp from dandruff and unwanted bacteria, while also nourishing the skin. Castor oil absorbs deep into the scalp hydrating from the inside out, while coconut oil absorbs more superficially and helps create a protective barrier from hard metals present in water, as well as harmful ingredients in hair care products. Castor oil is also made up of more than 80% ricinoleic acid, which promotes increased blood circulation of the scalp, and thus increased hair growth. 
    • Tip: Gently massage into the scalp in small circular motions. I recommend allowing the oils to absorb and work their magic for at least half an hour, but the longer you can leave it in the better!
  • Repair Split Ends. I haven't cut my hair in a year and a half and you wouldn't be able to notice, thanks to this lovely oil. Both castor oil and coconut oil contain omega-6 fatty acids, which help reduce breakage and repair split ends. Simply massage into the ends of your hair once a week and wash out with organic shampoo—my favorite is the Coconut Milk. I find the longer I leave it in the better, so pick a day where you don't have to leave the house for a few hours. 
    • Tip: If you have long hair, gently brush or comb out all of your tangles before applying, and begin application from the nape down. 


  • Thicken + Grow Hair. Castor oil is by far the best oil I have found to help thicken and grow hair. And, once paired with coconut oil's rich nutrients, this duo is unmatchable! I actually discovered this oil combination in my research and experimentation making a hair serum for my husband, who was experiencing frequent hair loss. After a couple years of trial and error, in the past 6 months of using this specific combination, we rarely find his hair on our pillowcases or shedding overall; and, his hair is starting to thicken with new hair growth coming in!
    • Tip: We've found this works best by massaging not only on the scalp and hair, but also the areas you wish to stimulate new hair growth (e.g., receding hairlines, bald spots, even eyebrows.) Do this about 3-4 times/week and wear a shower cap while you shower until you’re ready to rinse it out. This helps to lock in moisture and reduce damage from hot water and hard metals present in our water. 
  • Eye Makeup Remover. I can't explain how much more luxurious this feels on my eyes than just plain coconut oil, which I was using for years to remove makeup until I discovered this magical duo. The castor oil is thicker and creates a velvety feel across my delicate eyelids, which I just love! And, you need a lot less than you would plain coconut oil. Simply dab a tiny amount onto an organic cotton round or earbud and wipe away. 
    • Bonus: Castor oil is known for lengthening eyelashes thanks to its nutrient-rich and fatty acid properties. Just be sure to keep it out of your eyes!


  • Lube. Yup, I'm going there 😳  (sorry, mom!) The viscosity of the castor oil mixed in with coconut oil is just perfect, and it's comparable to most lubricants you'd find on the market, except you need a lot less. Not to mention, the antibacterial properties of these oils that also soften, hydrate, and protect that delicate skin.
    • Tip: Just be mindful if you use condoms, as coconut oil can degrade their integrity. Also, you may want to keep a separate jar for this!
  • Leave-In Conditioner. If you have thirsty curls like me, then you'll love this as a leave-in conditioner. Not only does it hydrate your precious locks, but it also helps with curl definition. The best way to use is to apply after the shower while your hair is still pretty wet. I personally find the wetter my hair when applying, the more defined and less-frizzy my curls.
    • Tip: Be careful not to put too much or you'll leave your hair feeling oily. I typically pat a dime-penny size amount from the nape down. My hair is thick—and nearly down to my bum—so start with less if you have shorter hair, as a little goes a very long way.
  • Frizz Control + Shine. Do any of you remember Biosilk? I used it in my hair religiously in high school when I was bent on having straight hair and torturing my curls. This kind of works the same way but better. And without all the nasty chemicals of course!
    • Tip: For frizz-control and shine, it's best to apply once your hair has completely dried. I put a dime-sized amount in my palm and use my fingertips to gently apply to frizzy areas, and simply rub any excess oil into my hands. 


How to Make 

It doesn't get much simpler than this! Simply take a small glass jar and fill halfway with organic castor oil. Then fill the remaining space with melted coconut oil. I recommend using a double boiler to melt your coconut oil to prevent destroying its healing properties. Tip: The easiest way to do this, for the small amount needed, is to fill a teacup with boiling water and place a small bowl on top of it. Fill the bowl with 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil, depending on the size of your jar. It will melt within a couple of minutes.

I also recommend purchasing organic cold-pressed castor oil. This is the purest form of castor oil since it has not been exposed to any heat, contrary to popular belief on the internet that the darker the castor oil the better. Black castor oil gets its color from the ash that results from roasting castor beans before pressing out the oiI, but vital nutrients can be lost in this process. I recommend this one; it's also available on Amazon for all you Prime lovers. 

Be sure to store your mixture in a cool, dark cabinet away from direct sunlight and heat. While it can last for up to a year, I prefer to make smaller batches every few months for optimal freshness. Enjoy!

Love + Light,

~Smita :)


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