The Journey

Why I Started Simply Smita:
There is quite a long journey that led me here to Simply Smita and everything I am now. But all of it stems from a long held passion and desire to do good. After leaving my field and a long struggle to make a career transition into the nonprofit world, it eventually made more sense to try to create something in my own vision.
I had been making my own homemade products for years, but it never occurred to me to sell them. It was something I did because it made me happy knowing where my ingredients were coming from and what was going onto (and into) my body. 
Over the past few years, my desire to do good and to change the work I do day in and day out grew stronger, and the struggle to find a job that could satisfy this desire harder. No matter which way I turned, I continued to come up empty handed in the job world. I was frustrated and definitely a little disheartened; I mean after all, I just wanted to do good!
It wasn’t until multiple conversations later with my husband (a business owner himself who has been encouraging me start my own company since day one) that I understood what Simply Smita could be. It didn’t have to be simply selling high quality products, because I wanted so much more than that. But it could be a way of doing that aligned with everything I believe in and everything I am passionate about. I realized that I could create a company that’s committed to doing good. 
By making conscious decisions about where I purchase my ingredients and the packaging I use, I could create a business that’s ethical and environmentally conscious, while also establishing a sustainable stream of support for charity work and causes that I believe in. By sharing my products with others, I could create the job I've been searching for. A job that allows me to feel good about what I do while also making a difference while I do it.
Simply Smita is that job. Simply Smita is my difference.