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Simply Smita

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Wellness Through Love
To create a company rooted in positive intent through consciously sourced, organic ingredients and a commitment to the environment, sustainability, fair-trade, and service. We aim to continually grow this company as a reflection of who we are and what we believe a company can be.  

    About Us

    At Simply Smita, it's all about Love.   

    Our Love for Our Body

    All of our products are handmade with Love and organic, fair-trade ingredients that are consciously sourced from around the globe. We test everything on ourselves and only use ingredients that are safe to use on a daily basis. This means we are completely free of GMOs, chemicals and synthetic dyes and perfumes. 

    Our Love for the Environment

    We focus on using conscious packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint on this beautiful Earth. All of our packaging is recyclable (so please, please recycle!) and sourced from manufacturers who are dedicated to quality and sustainability. We aim to use as much post-consumer recycled materials as possible and to have zero waste. 

    Our Love for the World

    We intend to make the world a brighter place through Love-centered thought, service, and action. 5% of profits directly support local causes and charities that are committed to loving people and the environment. As our company grows, so will our contribution.   

    Our Journey

     Why We Started Simply Smita 

    There is quite a journey that led us here to Simply Smita and everything we are now. But all of it stems from a long-held passion and desire to do good. After leaving my field in healthcare, I tried to transition into the world of nonprofits; however, wherever I looked the visions simply didn't align with me. Over the past few years, my desire to do good and for that good to be reflected in my occupation grew stronger: a desire to work towards something that had a positive effect not only on my customers, but also on my community, and even myself.

    So I went out into the market to see how much good I could do and to make a career out of it. However, I came back empty handed and unfulfilled. There were always compromises and half-truths, and uncertainty regarding organizations' true intentions. I became frustrated and a little disheartened; I mean, after all, I just wanted to do good! Eventually, I realized that the only way to fulfill this vision was to create it.

    It was through multiple (and I mean a lot!) of conversations with my husband, a business owner himself, that I was encouraged to start our own company. I’m not quite sure when it all clicked, but before there was even an idea of what Simply Smita would sell, there was a birth of a mission: to make every decision a conscious one, from a place of Love and Positive Intent. I realized that we could create a company that aligns with everything we believe in, and everything we are passionate about. We could create a company that’s committed to doing good.

    I had been making homemade products for myself and our family for years, but it never occurred to me to sell them. It was something I did because it made me happy knowing where my ingredients were coming from and what was going onto (and into) my body. I quickly realized that this would be the perfect vehicle to deliver our message of Love and that we could do so much more than simply sell high-quality organic products. 

    By making every decision a conscious one, from where we purchase our ingredients, to the packaging we use, to the ways we partner with local charities, we could create a business that’s ethical and environmentally conscious, while also establishing a sustainable stream of support for charity work and causes that are close to our hearts. By sharing our products with others, we could create the vision I had been searching for: a career that allows me to feel good about what we do, while also making a difference while we do it.

    Simply Smita is us. Simply Smita is our difference.


    Meet Smita (pronounced Smeeth-ah)


    Photo Credit: A.K. Agarwal

    The Team

    We're a creative and passionate husband-wife duo from the good ole' Windy City, Chicago! This company is our plant: we’ve planted a seed and our goal is to grow this into a 400-foot tall redwood! But like anything, we know that this will take time and that we will learn and grow with each passing day alongside our company.

    Simply Smita is an expression of who we are and what we believe. We are not perfect, nor do we try to be. But we do believe that the choices we make can help impact the world and the people around us in positive ways. We try our best to be the change that we wish to see and to live with a deep sense of gratitude and Love, but most importantly, to be patient and kind with ourselves as we learn and grow in the process.

    Our deepest hope is to bring more Love into this world and to pay it forward to those in need. Through our choices, positive advertising, donations, and community partnerships, we strive to deliver a message of Love and Positive Intent in all that we do. We look forward to working and growing together to help create the world we dream of and a brighter place for those to come. We thank you for sharing this journey with us and helping us spread Love 💚