Soap Nuts: Our New Favorite Eco-Friendly + Nontoxic Laundry Solution!

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My husband and I have been searching for a truly clean laundry detergent that doesn't irritate our skin or contain synthetic preservatives for over a year now. While I'd heard of soap nuts in the past, I felt a bit wary of something so natural. "How can a nut clean our clothes?!" I remember thinking to myself. But as we've struggled to find something we're happy with, I figured it was time to give them a try, and boy are we glad we did! Not only are soap nuts 100% organic, they are also 100% eco-friendly and super easy to use (aka: no double boilers or mixing involved!) 

So what exactly are they?

Soap nuts are actually a berry that grows in the Himalayas and are related to the lychee. When these berries dry, they form a hard shell, which is how they came to be known as soap nuts :) These organic berries contain a natural surfactant called saponin, which is released when their shells absorb water, lifting dirt and stains from our clothes. 


Why We Love Them 

  • Gentle on the Skin. Perfect for those with skin sensitivities, allergies, and eczema.
  • No Chemicals, Preservatives or Synthetic Nonsense. Aka: Better for our skin, better for our health and better for the environment!
  • Eco-Friendly. Soap nuts are reusable and 100% biodegradable.  
  • They Actually Work! Our clothes come out clean, fresh, and stain-free. 
  • Cost-Effective. Soap nuts can be used for multiple loads and are much cheaper than alternative green laundry cleaners :)


How to Use 

  • Add 5-6 soap nut shells into a cotton muslin bag and tie a knot to keep the soap nuts inside. Tip: If you prefer scented detergents, then simply add a few drops of organic lavender essential oil into the bag before tying. Soap nuts natural scent is kind of similar to apple cider vinegar, though your clothes won't come out smelling like that ;)  
  • Start your washer and place the muslin bag inside. 
  • Add your clothes and wash as normal. 
  • You may reuse the same bag of soap nuts multiple times until the seeds become gray and mushy. When you are ready to start a new bag, compost the old one!
  • Note: Make sure to use deseeded soap nut shells as the seeds are staining! We get ours from Mountain Rose Herbs, but they are also available at Amazon, most health food stores, and even Bed Bath & Beyond!

Love + Light,

~Smita :)

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Community: Mikva Challenge

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“Young people are brilliant and creative and brave, and they are survivors of many of the practices and institutions that adults have put into place. If we open space for young people and allow them to become empowered, and allow them to change our society, our society would be better off for it.” ~ Michelle Morales, CEO Mikva Challenge 

It's about time we highlight the charity that we've been donating 5% of our profits to since we launched Simply Smita: Mikva Challenge! Not only are they doing amazing work with Chicago youth and teachers, but their CEO Michelle Morales is truly inspiring and has captivated our hearts. Read on to learn more about this amazing organization and get a sneak peek of our Special Edition Mikva Challenge Lip Balms coming soon ;) 

Who They Are

Mikva Challenge is a non-partisan, not for profit founded on the premise that youth voice and participation in society matter. Their mission is to develop youth to be empowered, informed, and active citizens who promote a just and equitable society. By inspiring youth to form their own opinions and to recognize the issues they want to support, Mikva envisions a more inclusive democracy and believes that our civic and political life will be stronger when youth participate in the decision-making process of policies that affect them and their communities. 


    Action Civics + Why It Matters 

    Mikva believes to best train youth for their role as citizens and leaders in their communities, we must allow them a true chance to participate in authentic democratic activities, such as advocacy, elections, and public debates. Statistics show that youth who miss out on civic learning opportunities are more likely to be students of color and low-income. The consequence of this inequality is not only that disadvantaged students lack civic skills, but they also suffer academically, as just over half of Chicago public high school students graduate from high school, with less than 10 percent of Chicago public high school students receiving a bachelor’s degree by the age of 25.

    Since only a quarter of young people are “proficient” on the NAEP Civics Assessment (and white, wealthy students are 4-6 times as likely as Hispanic or black students from low-income households to exceed that level), Mikva Challenge aims to equip youth from underserved communities to help shape their own destinies to achieve a more equitable society. 

    Photo Source: Mikva Challenge

    What Makes Them Awesome

    Mikva Challenge has one of the most comprehensive programs for teachers and students that we have seen, ensuring that students are truly equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to affect change in their schools and communities. Their programs are so in depth that I could write an individual blog post on each one of them! I've done my best to highlight the key points of each program below, but please visit their individual pages to fully understand their value and to learn more about the impact they truly have. 

    Issues to Action: Empowering Youth to Take Action in Their Schools + Communities

    Through their Issues to Action Program, Mikva Challenge takes youth education to the next level, by partnering with teachers to train students to develop functional problem-solving skills, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students learn to identify issues in their communities, and about local government and political processes, through research, analysis and the creation of action plans to tackle these issues. Teachers are trained in this curriculum and provided with ongoing classroom support to develop students' critical thinking, public speaking, and research skills. City-wide events are also hosted to gather participating students from all schools to showcase their efforts, providing them real-life opportunities to put their knowledge into action. 

    Results Worth Noting!

    • Almost 4,000 students nationwide take part in a 6-step community problem-solving process every year.
    • 86% of participants in this program believe they can make a difference in solving community problems, compared to 41% before the program and only 55% of youth nationwide.
    • 98% of participants who attend the Action Civics Showcase report a belief that the work they have done is valued by the larger community.
    • Mikva’s Action Civics Teacher Institute brings teachers together to share best practices and develop tools and strategies to teach action civics in classrooms. 

    Photo Source: Mikva Challenge

    Mikva Youth Councils: Providing Youth a Seat at the Table with Public Policy Leaders 

    Through the creation of six issue-based youth councils, Mikva strengthens student participation in the formation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy in city government, by providing them a seat at the roundtable with local leaders. Youth in this program are inspired to speak out and take action on issues affecting their schools, advise city and school officials regarding these issues, advocate for change in their communities, and collaborate with youth from a variety of backgrounds. Students on these councils serve as youth policy experts and advocates, helping the Mayor, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, the Cook County Board President, City Commissioners, and other city leaders make public policy decisions that significantly impact their future. To learn more about the work of each council, click on them below!

    Results Worth Noting!

    • 95% of participants can critically analyze and take steps towards solutions for citywide issues (vs. 49% before).
    • The Teen Health Council trains and leads 40 youth wellness teams, who implement grassroots health activism programs in their schools.
    • Mikva’s Juvenile justice Council launched a web app,, to help people get their juvenile records expunged.
    • The Mayoral Youth Commission won Mayor Emanuel’s approval and successfully launched the Free CTA fare initiative to 10 schools with the aim of increasing school attendance rates. How amazing is that?! 

    Photo Source: Mikva Challenge

    Elections in Action: Providing Direct Political Participation Experience

    Campaign Program: Students in Mikva's Campaign Program learn to analyze issues, strengthen communication skills and experience the ins and outs of campaigning via phone banking, door knocking, registering voters, and blogging. Students are given the opportunity to meet with candidates and ask informed questions about top issues facing youth. For many of Mikva's students, this program transforms their attitudes towards the political process and encourages a greater understanding of electoral politics, as well as a lifetime of civic commitment. 

    "I can make a difference. Before it always seemed like I was powerless in government, but canvassing and talking to citizens showed me that I do have power to change things." CPS School Junior

    Student Judge Program: Mikva Challenge teamed up with the Chicago Board of Elections to provide a program for over 2,000 high school juniors and seniors, from over 50 schools, to learn about the voting process and serve as election judges at polling centers across the city on Election Day. Youth in this program are given the opportunity to serve as election judges, campaign for candidates they believe in, and intern in the offices of elected officials. 

      Results Worth Noting!

      • 50% of alumni continue to volunteer for political campaigns (vs. 2% of 18-29 year-olds nationwide). That's a huge increase! 
      • Mikva’s Elections in Action Curriculum is being used by 700 teachers in 47 states. And that's how you affect change! 

      Photo Source: Mikva Challenge

      Summer Fellows Program: Providing Paid Internships

      The Mikva Summer Fellows Program provides students the opportunity to participate in paid internships in the offices of local, state, and federal elected officials. Participating students attend weekly workshops with Mikva Challenge staff to debrief their internship experiences, develop leadership skills, and learn what elected officials can do for their communities and how to get it done. 

      Results Worth Noting! 

      • 95% of student participants report increased confidence in working and communicating with others in a professional setting.
      • 10 elected officials participated in roundtable discussions with Mikva interns to discuss how to improve communication between Chicago youth and elected officials.

      "This experience has taught me so much more about networking, politics, and being a youth activist. I’ve been responsible and I’m more committed to my neighborhood. We’re ALL leaders in our own way and this is OUR world." Mikva Intern, Summer 2014

      Photo Source: Mikva Challenge

      Neighborhood Leadership Initiative: Creating a Youth Voice

      Mikva's Neighborhood Leadership Initiative works to develop a youth voice in local decision-making and an exploration of racial and gender equity issues in Chicago. Youth in this program learn strategies to engage their communities in problem-solving, recognize multiple approaches to address the root cause of violence, successfully collaborate with peers to build a safe and supportive environment, and how to identify an issue, conduct research, build support systems and take action from beginning to end to affect positive change in their neighborhoods. Their focus for this year is:

      • Leadership development, root cause analysis of violence, asset mapping and exploration of identity
      • To participate with local Alderman to create youth-led participatory budgeting projects
      • Leadership Cafes – youth and community stakeholders come together to have dialogue on issues impacting their community

      To learn more about the impact of Mikva's amazing youth and teacher programs, click here

      More to Come!

      With all of these programs in place to successfully empower and equip youth to be active citizens, as well as to train teachers to truly engage and support their students, Mikva Challenge is not stopping there! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Michelle Morales, the Ceo of Mikva Challenge, to get a sneak peek of what's to come, as well as to gain more insight on how we can help engage our youth. Here's what she had to say!  

      S: What’s one thing you wish people knew more about Mikva Challenge?

      M: The robust youth development work that we do with young people. Many people think we are just an elections program or teacher development program. But we are rooted in relationship development. During our youth summit (mid-year), we train them on how to take action: breaking the issue down, root causes, figure out a solution and how to put it into place. It’s not a Mikva project or program if it stops at the poster board. Implementation process is the key.

      S: What are ways we can encourage our children to be active citizens in our communities?

      M: It's important for adults to listen to their children and help guide what they may be interested in. One of my favorite examples: after Hurricane Maria devasted Puerto Rico, a young girl convinced her family and school to collect water bottles to send them. She wasn't Puerto Rican and she was 10 years old. Both the school and parents could have easily said no, but they encouraged her and supported her in collecting bottles to send. We don’t realize that we as adults tend to shut down ideas or try to control them. It’s important for us to take a back seat and listen and support, instead of shooting it down or controlling it. 

      S: What’s the greatest challenge you face at the moment?

      M: Demand. High, high demand. Either for teacher professional development or entities approaching us for youth development or to facilitate youth councils. We're trying to figure out funding, what’s an opportunity, what’s advantageous. It's not necessarily negative, but I'm trying not to overextend the current staff. It’s the best challenge to have.

      S: How can people get involved and help support?

      M: We host 3 to 4 events a year, where we need volunteers to help judge or just engage with youth. Young people and adults should engage more often so barriers and myths are mystified. 

      S: What exciting things can we expect from Mikva in this coming year?

      M: Next year is a heavy election year (mayor, alderman, governor) and we're in need of volunteers to take students campaigning. We're also beginning a college and career connections program for male Mikva student’s to help them plan post-secondary career and college. We're always looking for mentors for them, particularly of color, so they can relate and have someone to look up to that is like them. 

      We also have an exciting new initiative in September, our Young Women's Leadership Council, for 20 high school-age young women. The aim of this council is to address the gap of women of color in leadership roles, equity issues, as well as inspire them to be leaders in their communities.

      Having worked as a teacher at an alternative high school in Chicago's Humboldt Park community, Michelle saw first hand how disempowerment and marginalization affects many youth of color. She learned how engaging and respecting youth, their ideas and their voices can be transformational, both for the youth involved and their communities. She brings this passion for youth voice and empowerment to Mikva Challenge and firmly believes that once empowered and civically engaged, youth can change the landscape of Chicago and the nation.

      Special Edition Lip Balm

      We were invited to this year's Action Civics Showcase at Bridgeport Art Center where students showcased the initiatives they've been working on all year. We asked students to describe what democracy means to them in one word. We took their responses and created a canvas for them to paint these words in, as a reminder that democracy is a verb! We also had the opportunity to teach them about the importance of being an educated consumer, knowing the ingredients they feed their skin, and the health benefits of detoxing their underarms and making the switch to a natural deodorant. 

      We converted this painting into a Special Edition Mikva Challenge Lip Balm. 25% of profits from these sales will help support their amazing programs highlighted above. To order your lip balms click here

      Here are some highlights from the event :) 



      Mikva Youth Painting What Democracy Means to Them at Bridgeport Art Center


      Before Removing the Tape


      After 😍 Look at their Creativity!  


      Order your lip balms today and help support this wonderful organization!!


      Do you believe in the power of youth? Donate, Volunteer or Become a Mikva Teacher today!

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      Community: New Life for Old Bags

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      I've had the pleasure of volunteering with New Life for Old Bags and getting to know the wonderful volunteers behind this organization over the past couple of years. And, with Earth Day around the corner, I wanted to highlight their work and share some fun ways you can get involved to help reduce plastic waste!

      Who They Are

      New Life for Old Bags (NLOB) is a collaboration of individuals of all ages and abilities who make sleeping mats for the homeless out of used plastic bags. NLOB began as a way to engage residents of Bethesda Rehab & Senior Care by Ruth Werstler, who wanted to help the less fortunate and the environment. 

      Each sleeping mat requires approximately 80 hours to make and can use up to 500-700 plastic bags (that's a lot of bags!). The mats are made of plastic yarn (plarn) using a large crochet hook. The finished mats are then distributed to the homeless by Cornerstone Community Outreach in Uptown and other partners of NLOB.

      Why I Love Them

      • 100% Volunteer-Run. NLOB is fully run and funded by volunteers throughout the community. Most mats are crocheted by senior citizens, so it's not only great for maintaining cognition and fine motor skills as people age, it also provides them the opportunity to engage and assist others, which brings better health than any medication can provide from my experience working in nursing homes. 
      • Everyone Can Participate. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, an experienced crocheter or a novice, there is a way for everyone to help. Kids as young as second grade can help separate plastic bags by color and cut them into strips, while senior citizens (some even over 100!) crochet the mats. Most importantly, it's an activity that families and communities can do together that benefits those in need. 
      • Solves Multiple Problems.
        • Provides engaging, meaningful activities for children, senior citizens, and local communities.
        • The mats are lightweight, dry easily, and bring comfort to people living in the cold, often wet, Chicago streets.
        • Hundreds of thousands of plastic bags have been diverted from landfills and oceans, not only protecting the environment but also precious marine life. 
      • Truly Eco-Friendly. While NLOB is happy to crochet and divert these bags from our oceans, you'll hear them say at every event that the ultimate goal is for a decreased dependence on plastic bags. As of April 3rd, 2018, 8 years after their conception, New Life for Old Bags has repurposed about 2,879,800 plastic bags, provided 4,114 sleeping mats to the homeless, and clocked in over 320,000 volunteer hours. That's pretty amazing if you ask me! 



        How You Can Help

        • Make Your Own! Whether it's collecting bags and cutting them into strips to create plarn or using your crocheting skills to make a mat, any bit you can do goes a long way. Plus, it's a great activity to do with the kids or to bring your family and neighbors together! Click here for step-by-step instructions. Trust me, it's easier than it sounds ;) 
        • Volunteer at a Workday. They offer several locations throughout the Chicagoland area, including 3 Chicago locations, as well as Schaumburg, Plano, and Plainfield. Here's their full schedule with time and location details. 
        • Donate. As NLOB is completely volunteer-run, they rely on donations to continue their work. They currently have a hefty supply of plastic bags and could benefit from other items such as tape, name tags, ground coffee, snack items, etc. Donations can be dropped off at any workday or at their church office on weekdays. Please call the church office for their drop off schedule at 773-283-2326. For a complete list of items needed, please click here. Or, if you don't have time to shop, gift cards (Target, Dollar Tree, Office Max, Costco, Mariano's, etc.) and monetary donations are also always appreciated! 

            NLOB's main office is located at United in Faith Lutheran Church, 6525 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago. For more information, please reach out to 

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            Vipassana is a form of meditation that helps us experience the world in an entirely new way. It's a process of self-discovery that allows us to observe and participate in our own experiences as they occur, helping us to truly understand that every moment is fleeting.

            Vipassana, which means to see things are they really are, is one of India's most ancient meditation techniques. It utilizes the breath and body to improve concentration and develop insight into the self. This technique is said to be discovered by Buddha 2500 years ago, and it is taught to those willing to learn during a 10-day silent meditation course, which provides a unique opportunity for self-discovery through direct experience.


            Why I Love It

            While I won't get into the details of the course as it's important for you to have your own experience, here are a few reasons why I highly recommend it: 

            • It's Non-Secular. No religion, gods, or pushing of faiths involved. Just good old science and spirituality. A universal way to liberation from our minds. 
            • It's a Mental Training Bootcamp. The entire practice is actually a mental training. Just as we use exercises to improve our physical health, Vipassana can be used to develop a healthy mind and shift in perspective. 
            • Teachers Are Not Paid. Teachers teach out of the goodness and desire of their hearts and don't receive any material remuneration. They are there because they want to share their knowledge and joy with whoever wants to learn. They have nothing to gain other than their students' experience. 
            • It's Completely Free. They aren't trying to sell you anything. The course is 100% free, including boarding and food, and is run on the donations of old students. You can only donate if you have taken a 10-day course, so it's literally run by people who believe strongly in the power of the course and want others to benefit from the same opportunity.
            • It Actually Works! I've studied and practiced meditation since I was 15 and nothing compares to this experience. For the first time, I felt like I was actually shown the tools to bring about inner peace in a clear, understandable way. Does that mean I gained peace overnight? Absolutely not! But knowing I have the tools I need in my tool chest has made all the difference ;) 
            • They Offer Free Prison Courses, which have resulted in a 20% reduction in disciplinary action and a decrease in behavioral problems for participating prisoners. It has also led to an increase in volunteerism and a willingness to help other inmates. Click here to learn more about this program. 


            Where to Go

            I go to the center in Illinois but there are 14 centers in the US and many more throughout the world. Click here to find a center near you. 

            P.S. To learn more about the tools I learned at Vipassana, check out this post!


            Have you been to Vipassana? I would love to hear your experience! Share your stories in the comments below or email me at with 'Vipassana' in the subject line 💚

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            Brands ~ STATE Bags

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            Stylish and inspirational, STATE bags is taking the one-for-one business model one step further to help create a lasting impact on students' lives. 
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